Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Shenzhen JetNet Technology Co. Ltd is a high and new tech enterprise applied in communication industry. We provide the best and the most competitive Multi-service Home Networking Products and total solutions for the users.For better development of the company, we want to enlarge our team, and the following vacancies are available: hardware engineer, technical assistance, marketing manager, marketing promoter, test engineer/technical engineer, network management software development engineer, embedded operating system platform development engineer.

Hardware engineer
Requirement details:
1. Major in electronics, communication, automation; bachelor¡¯s degree or above; three years of relative working experience; capable of teamwork spirit.
2. Be familiar with digital circuit design and artificial circuit design.
3. Be familiar with embedded system development (ARM, 51singlechip).
4. Have the experience of multilayer high density PCB wiring and commerce boards design.
5. Skillful welding technique and strong practical ability.
6. Be skillful to operate all kinds of hardware debugging tool.
7. Be familiar with EMC/EMI handling.

Technical assistant
Requirement details:
1. Major in computer, communication and information etc; college degree and above; one year of relative working experience.
2. Be familiar with the working principle and configuration of switchboards and routers.
3. Be familiar with OSI seven layer model and could capture and analysis the network data; Know the network knowledge such as VLAN, SNMP and broadcast storm.
4. Be capable of strong ability of analysis and solving problem; be clear-thinking; strong presentation skill of technology.
5. Be glad with domestic business trip; be strong in responsibility, initiative and practical ability; be with good service consciousness, communication ability and teamwork spirit; endure heavy working pressure.

Marketing manager
Requirement details:
1. College degree and above; major in computer and communication and the other relative majors.
2. Two years of communication products or the other value added service products sales experience; priority for people know China broadcasting and television.
3. Be capable of strong negotiation skill and some experience of project running.
4. Fluent language expression and communication, think quickly and clear, be of strong infection.
5. Be aggressive, initiative and operative, endure heavy working pressure.
6. Be glad with frequent domestic business trip.
1. Be responsible for regional sales work.
2. Be responsible for agency channel, add agents and corresponding product coverage.
3. Coordinate the regional marketing management job and be responsible to the regional sales performance.
4. Follow up the big customer project.
5. Be responsible for collecting and analyzing regional relative marketing information, and make reports.

Marketing promoter
Requirement details:
1. Major in marketing management or management etc; bachelor¡¯s degree; three years experience of marketing promotion.
2. Be familiar with communication network products, and priority for people know broadcast and television market.
3. Be capable of excellent macroscopically scheme ability and outstanding information analysis ability.
4. Be capable of strong oral and written language communication ability and business negotiation ability.
5. Be capable of strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Test engineer/technical engineer
Requirement details:
1. Be familiar with OSI/TCP/IP, know all kinds of network product modulation technique.
2. Be familiar with network communication products networking and application( router, exchange board, DSL device and cable modem etc.)
3. Be familiar with the operations of all kinds of network communication test device (smart bit and spectrum analyzer etc.)
4. Have the experience of testing network communication products, or the pre-sale and after-sale technology support experience.
5. Have the experience of making products technology literature.
6. Bear hardship and hard work, and be glad with business trips.
7. Priority for people with experience of communication products hardware development.

Network management software development engineer
Requirement details:
1. Bachelor¡¯s degree or above; major in computer, communication and electronics etc; two years of communication network management software development experience; be familiar with SNMP protocol.
2. Be familiar with VC/MFC, C++, Win32 API, multithreading, Windows information mechanism; be skillful with socket programming; be skillful with SQL Sever, Oracle, MySQL and the other data base and data base engine.
3. Know the working principle and relative protocol of switchboard/router.
4. Priority for people who are familiar with BS framework, CGI, javascript,Eclipse,J2EE and Tomcat.
1. Be responsible for the software development of communication network device management system.
2. Modulate the spot network devices.

Embedded operating system platform development engineer
Requirement details:
1. Bachelor¡¯s degree or above; major in computer, communication and electronics etc.
2. Three years experience of embedded software development; be familiar with Linux system, including Bootloader, Kernel, filesystem.
3. Know embedded system hardware; could fix the driver of each hardware port, such as PCI, MII,SPI etc.
4. Be familiar with the working principle of switchboards and routers; have modified or read the Bridge and netfilter of Linux, or the analogous code.
5. Priority for people who are familiar with singlechip or assembly language.
Be responsible for embedded operating system platform software development, providing unified platform port for superstratum application and bottom hardware drive.

If you are interested in these positions, please contact us:
Address: Room A3, 2F/L, East Tower Building, No. 10128, Nanshan Digital Cultural Industry Base, Shennan Avenue, Shenzhen P.R. China
Contact person: Miss Hu
Tel: 0755-86329372