Broadband Access


HECL£­High speed Ethernet Cable Link is a coax broadband access system based on c.LINK Access standard. It was developed and named by ShenZhen JetNet Technology CO.,LTD. HECL system is consist of NC the local side, CPE the terminal and a network management system. HECL works between the frequency range of 800MHz and 1500MHz, which is a high frequency range beyond wired TV. In this way it maintains a strong capacity of resisting disturbance and would not affect TV service. Transforming the dual-way network by HECL in the last HFC hectometers of coaxial network enables the network to gain the following advantages: the highest bandwidth, strong capacity of service supporting, fast speed of arrangement, excellent antijamming capacity, high quality follow-up dilation ability etc. HECL offers better technology choice for dual-way network transformation of radio and television network.

Primary features

  • HECL system is a coaxial broadband access technology devised according to coaxial cable specialities, which could transfer high speed data in coaxial medium with high quality. Combining with optical communication technology, HECL can be used to offer high speed broadband access for zones and buildings;
  • Convenient and high speed dual-way network arrangement. The system could penetrate splitters and distributors easily. Using the existing coaxial network, you should just install the NC in the optical receiver distributing box, connect the optical transmission device or Ethernet switch on the upside, and connect the coaxial distributing network on the downside. In this way multi-service such as IPTV¡¢VOD¡¢VoIP¡¢Inetrnet etc, could be carried out easily;
  • Working frequency range: 800-1500MHz. This is a high frequency range beyond wired TV, which enables the system to effectively avoid low frequency converging noise and coexist with other low frequency technology such as CATV, DVB-C, DOCSIS, etc. Protect the existing investment to the maximum extend;
  • System adopts OFDM technique in the physical layer. Modulation density of subcarrier is selected automatically among BPSK¡¢QPSK¡¢16-256 QAM, which fortifies the signal antijamming capability;
  • System adopts TDMA/TDD in the medium access control layer. Each terminal user on line enjoys private transmission time slot, which guarantees user¡¯s retardation, jitter and competition. In this way, the increasing of access would not cause network congestion;
  • The highest physical transmission speed rate is up to 270Mbps, TDD valid data speed rate is up to 130Mbps. So far this is the highest bandwidth in EoC technology;
  • High quality QoS guarantee. Support 802.1Q, 802.1p, ToS, DiffServ, DSCP, IGMP Snooping, high-accuracy subscriber bandwidth control, user identification, user state scanning control, etc;
  • Zero configuration of user node. It¡¯s convenient in installation and maintenance. User side authentication control, avoiding illegal user accessing the net;
  • Long-distance code upgrades automatically. It¡¯s convenient for users to add new functions and maintain the devices.
  • Support bypass power down function, and it would not affect the quondam TV service;
  • Strong ability in follow-up dilatation. Multi-channel binding transmission enables the number of user and the speed rate of transmission speed rate could grow rapidly;
  • Strong ability in compatibility. MoCA products from different factories are all compatible with each other, no matter forward or backward compatibility;
  • Support user data hardware DES encryption, MAC layer user isolation. In this way to ensure the safety of data transmission;
  • The network management system is strong in control and maintenance. The functions include alarming, configuration management, performance management, maintenance management, safety management, user management, user broadband management and control, user identification, user state scanning control and so on;
  • Support several management forms such as SNMP/WEB/ TELNET/ CONSOLE;
  • Support C/S¡¢B/S centralized management.