Home Networking


With the growing of "fiber replace copper" and high speed broadband accessing homes, more and more consumer electronic equipment need the network broadband. In this way, an intelligentized home networking between networking information device and intelligentized broadband access net is especially important. While the coaxial cable home networking based on MoCA technology, which is researched and developed completely by us, offers reliable solutions for the problem of home networking. This enables the home devices such as Internet high definition TVs, game consoles, players, IP telephones, computers, intelligence appliances to access to the home network. We utilize the MoCA technology to transfer Ethernet data in coaxial cable. So we can offer reliable high speed Internet video flow, frequency flow and data flow for every room of the home. With the plug and play mode, you would find it quite easy in installation. You need not to change the home coaxial network structure. What¡¯s more, it would not obstruct the wired TV, terrestrial TV or the satellite TV.


  • No need to transform the network. We use the existing home coaxial cables;
  • Work in the high frequency section, and coexist with the home low frequency technique and TV service;
  • Easily penetrate the home splitter and distributor to achieve dual-way communication;
  • Access by coaxial cable interface from any room or rooms;
  • Adopt inlay low and high pass filter to separate TV service;
  • High speed bandwidth, physical layer up and down both possesses 270Mbps real-time data transmission;
  • Single channel valid data speed data up to 175 Mbps;
  • Adopt OFDM and TDMA/TDD technology to make data transmission more reliable and smooth;
  • Offer high quality voice, high speed data, high definition video triple play experience;
  • Support 16 MoCA home networking access;
  • Four network interface for each device to support multi-service;
  • Plug and play, easy to use, simply but reliable.

Networking application

Cable Modem£«MoCA home networking application
DSL£«MoCA home networking application
ONU£«MoCA home networking application