Technical program

Transforming the dual-way network by MoCA in the last HFC hectometers of coaxial network enables the network to gain the following advantages: the highest bandwidth, stronger capacity of service supporting, faster speed of arrangement, excellent antijamming capacity, higher quality follow-up dilation ability etc.

Depending on the fact that nowadays most city distribution networks adopt the CATV optical receiver mode, usually there could be hundreds of users for the 1-5-floor-building. We use passive coaxial cable distribution net between CATV optical receiver and user terminal without amplification device to cover user directly. In this way the covering of dual-way network could be achieved rapidly in the distribution network. You should only place the optical transmission device and the MoCA NC in the zone optical distribution box, and provide the two-way set top box to make high speed dual-way network happen. It meets the demand of IPQAM dual-way interactive digital TV informatization, the needing bandwidth of IPTV system, as well as the QoS requests.

As for the radio and television operators who have successfully put the dual-way network into business, some of them adopt the IPQAM+EPON+EOC mode, and some of them adopt the IPTV+EPON+EOC mode. While our MoCA access system supports both of the modes and we have many successful cases.