Panyu Guangzhou Transform the Radio and Television Bilateral Network

We help Panyu Guangzhou Transform the Radio and Television Bilateral Network


Panyu (a county in Guangdong Province) located in the mid south of Guangdong, which is a booming province in the central region of Chu Chiang Delta. Panyu is the ˇ°main battlefieldˇ± of 2010 16th Asian Games. In this way, Panyu digital CATV network bears the heavy responsibility of high quality transform of Panyu digital television and the dual-way network construction, transformation and maintenance. Nowadays, Panyu digital CATV network has 500000 cable customers. In order to promote the transformation of new service, Panyu digital CATV network is carrying out the large-scale dual-way network transformation now, which has laid a solid network basis for the operation of the whole business of triple network fusion.


Panyu digital CATV network adopts EPON+MoCA solution to carry out the dual-way network transformation. ONU and the NC of MoCA are arranged in the optical distribution box with the NC of MoCA linking ONU as well as the optical receiver coaxial output port in the up way, and linking the coaxial distribution network in the down way. By now they have installed nearly 2000 MoCA NC of ours, and covered over 100000 network subscribers. Our products have provided powerful solutions for Panyu dual-way network of interactive TV, IPTV, and Internet etc.


Panyu digital CATV network has successfully carried out a relatively large-scale interactive digital TV service in broadband IP network, and gradually started the broadband access service. The advantages of JetNet coaxial broadband access system solution based on MoCA are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • High bandwidth, multi-service supportable

    Each sub-front end OLT device of Panyu digital CATV network could be expanded to support 10-gigabit bandwidth to the core part, support gigabit bandwidth to parks, support 100M to optical panel point, and at last arrange the bandwidth according to the user needs by JetNet MoCA. MoCA supports physical layer speed rate up to 270Mbps, and the MAC layer bandwidth up to 130Mbps. MoCA adopts QoS and TDMA mechanism, which guarantee the load balance and avoid network congestion under user increasing circumstance, and also it supports multi-service to carry out in the same time.

  • Quick arrangement, simple network transformation

    Panyu digital CATV network HFC network construction is optical node to roads, zones and buildings, with each optical node covering hundreds of users. And the distribution network topology is the mix type or star type. Applying MoCA project, you need not to transform the existing coaxial distributing network, what you should do is only to install the NC device of MoCA in the optical distribution box, and then you could successfully finish the optical node user large-scale coverage.

  • Investment in batches, rolling development

    In the beginning period, the signal covers wildly and the user access number is relatively small, so 1-2 NC are enough in the optical node. With the increasing of users, when the single NC user and broadband access ability is insufficient, you could add NC according to the real situation.

  • Strong antijamming ability, simple maintenance

    MoCA works in the high frequency range, effectively avoiding low frequency noise. So it is very convenient to locate the fault and fix it.

  • High safety

    The user data is segregated with each other in the MAC layer, and the hard ware of user data is encrypted with DES, both of which effectively ensure the safety of data transmission. We do the VLAN partition to each user port or each service of each user in the user side.

  • Strong ability of management

    We have several management forms such as SNMP, WEB, TELNET, CONSOLE. And the network management possesses ample control and maintenance function, such as alert, configuration management, function management, maintenance management, safety management, user management etc.

Networking cases

Panyu interactive + Internet

Panyu IPTV + Internet case